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DRAFT KB-XXXX Object cannot be found when trying to create Quick App


In the Quick App Designer, when design a new Quick App and the "Create Quick App" button is pressed, the following error is returned:

The following error can be seen in the application server log :

ERROR com.appiancorp.object.quickapps.QuickAppObjectType - Failure importing object .... cause=com.appiancorp.ix.binding.UnresolvedReferenceException: type=content, srcId=[UUID], .... cannot be found
ERROR com.appiancorp.object.quickapps.QuickAppObjectType - Failed to successfully create Quick App on operation 'import from templates' - rolling back
java.lang.IllegalStateException: We cannot have any import failures

Additionally, searching for the UUID in /design > Objects > Search by UUID and ID shows no results.


The object with [UUID] is missing from the environment.


If the object exists in other environments, it can be imported into the environment experiencing this issue.

  1. Search for the object by UUID in an environment where it is not missing.
  2. Export the object from the system.
  3. Import the object into the environment that is missing it.


If it is not possible to import the object from another environment, objects with the following UUID will be re-loaded into Appian with the load script:


Disclaimer: The load script removes any previously created default dashboard templates, process model dashboard template pages, and email templates. It replaces them with the default pages and reports that ship with the product.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: December 2018