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DRAFT KB-XXXX Cloning Appian Cloud sites FAQ


The purpose of this article is to answer common questions involved with cloning an Appian Cloud site for troubleshooting purposes.

Table of Contents:

What is a clone?
A clone is a replica of an existing Appian Cloud site. A new AWS instances is started, and a snapshot from the existing Appian Cloud site is used to populate the data on the new server(s). All Appian Cloud clones are hosted in the same secure infrastructure as the original Appian Cloud environments.
Why does Appian Support request to create a clone?
Appian Support requests to clone a site for troubleshooting purposes. When investigating certain issues, it is sometimes necessary to run tests to gain a deeper understanding. In order to eliminate the risk of harm to an actual Appian Cloud site, it is necessary to run these tests on a clone (replica) of the environment. 
Who has access to the code/data hosted in the clone?
Only those who have access to the original Appian Cloud site will have access to the code/data hosted in the clone.
What code/data is shared when a clone is created?
The code/data hosted in the clone is NOT shared with anyone who does not have access to the original Appian Cloud site.
How long is the cloned persisted?
The clone is persisted as long investigation on the current issue persists. Once the investigation is complete, Appian will shut down the clone and delete the data.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: December 2018