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DRAFT KB-XXXX Reverting to a backup in Appian Cloud


This article covers details around reverting to a backup in Appian Cloud. 

How is data stored in Appian Cloud backed up?

See the documentation for details on how Appian Cloud data is backed up. These backups are performed by taking snapshots of the customer site(s). A snapshot is a complete copy of the site at a specific point in time, which includes not only the environment data, but also the version and hotfix the site was running at that point in time. Customers may also request a planned backup to be coordinated at a specific date and time for a cost. 

What are some examples where a reversion may be useful? 

Reversions can be useful in many different scenarios. Some common examples are:

  • After an application deployment gone wrong
  • If a hotfix or new version of Appian introduces an issue (NOT SURE IF WE WANT THIS IN HERE, SOUNDS BAD). 

What is reverted? 

Appian Cloud follows a similar backup strategy to the one documented here. It is important to note that when reverting to a backup, everything including environment data and site version will be rolled back to ensure consistency. It is not possible to just change the Appian version independently from the data that was on the site at the time of the backup. 

What is the process to revert to a backup? 

  1. Identify the date and time that you would like the site to be reverted to. 
  2. Coordinate a two hour maintenance window with Appian Technical Support. 

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud. 

Last Reviewed: October 2019