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The purpose of this article is to provide answers to some of the common questions related to the Appian Mobile App.

Table of Contents:

How can I create a custom branded mobile application?

Forum users can use the Mobile Branding site on to create custom branded mobile applications. Please review the Custom Mobile Application documentation for more details.

What versions of Appian Mobile are supported?

The Product Release History shows the supported versions for the Appian Mobile App and Appian for Blackberry.

How do I enable diagnostic logging for the Appian Mobile App?

KB-1754 details how to enable diagnostic logging for Appian Mobile.

Does my Mobile App version need to match my Appian version?

As mentioned in the Mobile Device documentation, the latest version of the Appian mobile app is always backward-compatible with previous Appian versions.

However, the Appian version cannot be higher than the Mobile App version. For example, the Mobile App can be on version 19.3 with Appian 18.3, but the Mobile App cannot be on version 18.3 with Appian 19.3.

How often the Mobile App is updated?

A new major version of the Appian Mobile is released at least once a quarter.

I noticed clicking task links while on Mobile open the task in the mobile browser, rather than the app. How can I open them in the app?