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SP-4042 KB - XXXX Engines fail to start following hotfix deployment or upgrade to Appian versions 19.2 / 19.3 / 19.4


On an on-premise environment, Appian Engines fail to start following a hotfix deployment or version upgrade due to transaction replay error with the following message in the service_manager.log:

ERROR com.appian.komodo.translog.OutstandingRequestsTracker - Outstanding write requests was decremented again after the all writes logged event.


This is due to a bad Service Manager version on the following Appian build versions:

  • to
  • to
  • to

To verify the build version, check the file located in the <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/ directory.


Open a support case with Appian Technical Support to receive the fix for this issue and follow the instructions below to apply the fix:

  1. Download and unzip the file provided by Appian Support to any directory that is not <APPIAN_HOME>.
  2. Shutdown all components of Appian gracefully.
  3. Rename <APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin to <APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin_backup.
  4. Rename <APPIAN_HOME>/services/lib to <APPIAN_HOME>/services/lib_backup.
  5. From the unzipped file, copy the ‘bin’ directory into <APPIAN_HOME>/services.
  6. From the unzipped file, copy the ‘lib’ directory into <APPIAN_HOME>/services.
  7. Start Service Manager, Zookeeper, and Kafka on all engine nodes using <APPIAN_HOME>/services/start.bat|sh -p PASSWORD -s all.
  8. Stop Service Manager, Zookeeper and Kafka on all engine nodes using <APPIAN_HOME>/services/stop.bat|sh -p PASSWORD -s all.
  9. Start Appian normally using the steps provided in our Starting and Stopping Appian documentation.

Once the environment is running with the patch successfully applied, the environment should once again be in a stable state.

Proceed to perform cleanup by:

  1. Removing <APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin_backup.
  2. Removing <APPIAN_HOME>/services/lib_backup.
  3. Removing the downloaded and its unzipped contents that are in the safe location.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 19.2, 19.3, and 19.4.

Last Reviewed: February 2020