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DRAFT KB-[SP-4754[ Mobile Provisioning Tool fails with "The certificate provided was never sent to Appian" error


When using the mobile provisioning tool for generating iOS assets, the following message is encountered when selecting a signing certificate The certificate provided was never sent to Appian.


The provisioning tool can only sign mobile builds with certificates that have previously been provided to Appian. The selected certificate was not previously created using the provisioning tool and sent to Appian.


There are two possible ways to resolve this message:

  1. Select another certificate that has been provided to Appian.
  2. Use the "Create New" certificate option rather than use an existing certificate. Note: There is a 2 certificate maximum. If two certificates are already present, one must be deleted to create a new certificate. Be sure to confirm the deleted certificate is not being used by another build, as this will cause issues with the associated build.

If neither certificate has been sent to Appian and neither can be deleted because they are actively being used by other apps, open a support case with Appian support.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of the provisioning tool.

Last Reviewed: August 2020