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KB-XXXX Process Analytics issues from mismatched hostname


Users may be unable to see any rows in process reports. Anything that uses a!queryProcessAnalytics() will return an empty result.

Users may also not be able to run the Reset Analytics script.

The db_PA* logs would show the following error:

2019-11-27 03:33:15 [PA00011] {pa291.kdb ,145351} (Default) ERROR .a.p.ANLYZE.i "This engine is recognized as host [localhost.localdomain] port [5021] for local development on a single machine (do not use in production, as this matches all machines), but this did not match appian-topology.xml's host [<HOSTNAME>] port [5023]."


The host name in the appian_topology.xml file does not match the host name in the server hosts file. Note that the host name must match in characters and is case-sensitive.


Set the hostname in the topology file to match the hostname retrieved by <APPIAN_HOME>/_admin/_scripts/ (.bat).

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: August 2020