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DRAFT SP-4122 Application server cannot start with "Failed to create DesignObjectSchema" errors in High Availability environments


"Failed to create DesignObjectSchema" errors appear in application server logs. Even though the data server processes may start and run, the application server will fail to start.


This error can appear when the dataserver.password is inconsistent between all nodes. 


Ensure that the data servers are able to communicate with one another. This can be done by reviewing the steps in the following documentation:

Specifically, ensure that the dataserver.password property within the file is consistent across all distributed nodes.


This section is optional and should only be used as an alternative action if there is a massive technical debt associated with performing the action in the above section for customers (such as upgrading). It can also be used if there is a solution to the issue in the article but is more inconvenient to implement or it causes other undesirable behavior and wouldn’t warrant being an action.

Affected Versions

  • This article applies to Appian 19.4 and later.

Last Reviewed: September 2020