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KB-1186 How to find and unarchive archived processes using the archiveprocess script

This article outlines the process to unarchive and find an unarchived process.

Archived processes are located in <APPIAN_HOME>/server/archived-process by default. This location is configurable via archived-process-config-*.xml per Managing Process Archives. Each archived process is represented as a file in the above mentioned directory in the following format:


A specific archived process can be searched in the directory based on any one of the above parameters (process model UUID, time when the process was archived, process ID of the process).

To obtain the process model UUID, perform the following:

  1. Open the process model in question and go to File > Properties...
  2. In the General tab, copy the value from the Process Model UUID field.

The timestamp in the filename of process archives is formatted as follows:


The process ID is an integer value assigned to that particular process upon creation.

Users can use any one of those parameters to search for process archives using the find command (the * character can be used as a wildcard at the beginning or end of a search string):

cd <APPIAN_HOME>/server/archived-process/
find . -name "<search_string>"

Once the desired archive is found, users can use the Archive Process script to unarchive them by performing the following:

  1. Inside of <APPIAN_HOME>/server/_scripts/tools, run the following:
    ./ unarchive [-pmuuid 0002dd1b-a835-8000-f92f-7f0000014e7a] [-parchived YYYYMMDDHHmmss] [-pid 12345] [-file <name_of_archive_file>] &
    Note: you can use any combination of the above options in brackets as well as any of the options specified here.
  2. After the script completes, a log is generated under <APPIAN_HOME>/logs with details about it. The log shows the process IDs that were unarchived.
  3. To confirm the instance was unarchived, log into Appian and navigate to <SERVER_AND_PORT>/suite/proc/<Process_ID>, where <Process_ID> is the ID of the process from the log that was just unarchived.
Important: Once a process has been unarchived, it will remain in memory until it is manually re-archived. Autoarchive settings do not apply to manually unarchived processes. If bulk unarchiving processes, please keep this in mind.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: March 2017