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KB-1247 How to register new Forum/Community users

There are two ways to register a new user on the Appian Community.  

A) Self register on Appian Community

This will give you access as the registered public user type.  For more information on access by user type click here.  Note that self registering does not associate you with a customer or partner account.   

Steps to self register on Appian Community:

  1. Access the Appian Community login page
  2. Click on the “Register Now” button
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Follow the instructions received in the email

B) Register as a customer or partner user

This will give you additional access to resources and content that is available for customers or partners.  For more information on access by user type click here.  To register as a customer or partner user request your account’s primary contact or user registration administrator to add you to the company account using the User Registration application.

Note: The next steps are only intended for Primary Contacts and User Registration administrators.

The User Registration application allows authorized contacts to register users on behalf of their company. An account record page is also included where the authorized contacts can view a listing of all users associated with their company.

Steps to register a new user for your company account:

  1. Login to Accounts page  as an authorized contact
  2. Click on [Your Company]
  3. Click on the Register a New User button
  4. Complete the information for the new user.  Email addresses must contain a valid company-supplied domain (e.g.,
  5. Submit the form

An email will be sent to the new user with their credentials.  If the user is already a Community user their user type will be updated and their access level will be escalated.


Contact Appian Technical Support via a support case or by email ( for any of the following requests:

  1. Adding new domain names for companies
  2. Adding new User Registration administrators
  3. Adding new support contacts
  4. Deactivating and reactivating users

Last Reviewed: May 2017