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[DRAFT] KB-XXXX Unable to publish datastore due to "Missing column" error using Oracle

This issue has been resolved in an Appian hotfix/new Appian version. Please apply the latest hotfix to your Appian installation or upgrade to the latest version of Appian.


When trying to save and publish a data store object, an "Unable to automatically create tables" error is experienced. The application server log and looking at "More Info" shows the following error:

The data source schema does not match the type mapps: Missing colum: <ID> in <PREFIX>.<TABLE NAME> (APNX-2-4056-000)


This issue has been addressed via AN-99299 in the following hotfixes/versions:


Apply the latest hotfix to your Appian installation.


This workaround should only be considered after discussing with your database team on whether synonym objects are significant for your environment. 

  1. Run SELECT * FROM all_objects WHERE object_name = '<TABLE NAME>'
  2. Drop the Synonym objects based on results returned from above query.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 17.3 on Hotfix Package D and 17.4 Hotfix Package B.

Last Reviewed: February 2018