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DRAFT KB-XXXX /design and /admin do not load after an upgrade


After an upgrade, navigating to <APPIAN_URL>/suite/design and <APPIAN_URL>/suite/admin shows a brief "Working" indicator and then only shows the background screen, and the following error is seen in the application server log:

INFO [stdout] (ajp-/ com.appiancorp.process.expression.ExpressionRuntimeException$AppianExceptionProvider: Expression evaluation error : Rule 'uisubmittableform' has X parameters, but instead passed Y parameters. (APNX-1-4198-000)

where X and Y may be any number.


This occurs as a result of an improper migration. Appian is attempting to call the rules as defined in the upgraded version, however, its references to these rules are still from the pre-upgrade version.


Redo the migration, making sure to exactly follow the steps in the upgrade guide.

In particular, make sure the engines are fully shut down before migrating them, and that all of the components being migrated are from the same timestamp.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian.

Last Reviewed: February 2018