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KB-1560 "loadMetric.threshold has type STRING rather than NUMBER" causes Service Manager startup to fail


When starting the Appian services, the startup stalls at "Waiting for Service Manager to launch," and the following exception appears in the <APPIAN_HOME>/logs/service_manager.log file:

ERROR com.appian.komodo.Bootstrap - Uncaught error in thread. com.typesafe.config.ConfigException$WrongType:<APPIAN_HOME>/conf/ transaction has type STRING rather than NUMBER

A specific "Caused by:" statement for this error is shown below:

Caused by: com.typesafe.config.ConfigException$WrongType: <APPIAN_HOME>/ear/suite.ear/conf/ loadMetric.threshold has type STRING rather than NUMBER


Service Manager has encountered an unexpected property value in the file located at <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/. Specifically, a property listed in is set equal to a value that is being read as a string rather than a number.

In the example above, the server.conf.processcommon.MAX_EXEC_ENGINE_LOAD_METRIC property listed in is set equal to a value that is being read as a string rather than a number. More information about this setting can be found in the Configuring the Process Engine Servers documentation.


Review the file to ensure all properties have expected values and that there are no unexpected trailing characters appending the properties. 

For the example above, ensure that the server.conf.processcommon.MAX_EXEC_ENGINE_LOAD_METRIC property listed in is set equal to an integer value.

Affected Version

This article applies to Appian 17.3 and later.

Last Reviewed: January 2019